The Southeastern New England Fibershed and Fibershed Launch the Waste Wool Working Group!

I’ve been talking about waste wool to lots of folks for months and finally people are excited and listening. Can you imagine if farmers weren’t throwing away their “waste wool” and instead creating valuable building materials, packaging, fertilizer, soil remediation, wool sheeting for environmental cleanups, erosion and more? I mentioned last month that Uncommon Strands […]

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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Developing a Sustainable Textile Industry for the 21st Century

I talked about “Developing a Sustainable Textile Industry for the 21st Century,” on this DreamVisions7 radio podcast with Wendy Fachon. Wendy writes: “How deeply do people consider the environmental impact of their clothing purchases? Eco-conscious fashion change makers are working to solve the environmental problems created by the “fast fashion” approach that has dominated the […]

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